19 Aug 2016 12:53:06
Hi all,

Thought I'd throw a proper rumour on here that, from my source, is apparently nailed on.

A friend of mine's wife works at a catering company, where the head chef there has a second job as Joe Harts personal chef. He has apparently just handed in his notice and said that he is moving to Spain for a year, to continue his duties for Joe whilst he is on a year long loan at Barcelona.

I can't personally validate it of course, but my source was 100% positive of this.

No idea if there are any whispers from the Eds on to Joe's next club?


{Ed002's Note - Firstly Manchester City are not looking for a loan - the preference is to sell him on. Right now the first thing to happen is to see how Manchester City feel about a creative offer from Sevilla. If they are open to it then the player will have the option to decide if he wants a move to Spain. Next up, Everton might be interested and if a deal could be agreed between the clubs, then again the player will need to think about the option. Else, his agent needs to get some work done.

Barcelona are going to sign Jasper Cillessen to replace Bravo - although interestingly they had another plan if it were ter Stegen to leave.

Little of this should be a suprise.}

1.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 16:24:53
Hi Ed002,

I thought they got it confused with Sevilla but they said Barcelona when I asked again, along with saying it was off now anyway. Wether it was actually ever a realistic option is debatable in itself.

Would there be any more information on what this creative offer would be? I personally think he would opt Everton providing the new owners could sell him on their ambitions of achieving Champions League football.


{Ed002's Note - Barcelona have never been an option. The detail of the offer from Sevilla is really of no relevance.}