28 May 2024 13:17:42
Eds, will Guardiola see out the on coming season do you think?

Lots of speculation that he may walk this summer or perhaps next - would this perhaps be to leave before the verdict/outcome is reached for the 115 charges against the Club?

Also, do you think any harsh/proper sanctions will be imposed, should a guilty verdict be reached, or simply financial penalties imposed?

Thanks in advance, I know this can be a tricky subject to navigate.

{Ed002's Note - Guardiola certainly won't be staying beyond next summer and some think he could go now. It is unrelated to the charges but a large number of them are simply noise and could be settled easily. Sitting in there are some very significant issues that will see penalties if guilt is proven.

I don't expect there will be any consideration to "title stripping" but if found guilty the potential punishments are slapped wrist (they need to clear out the charges which are simply noise and that may deal with those), fine (that could be negotiated to avoid any appeal - an option Nottingham Forest were looking to, but they were harshly treated), transfer ban (unlikely given a previous transfer ban for another club went horribly wrong for the authorities - but it is something that Everton may yet see if it looks like a third charge is likely), points deduction (if found guilty of some of the serious issues) and in theory relegation by expelling them from the Premier League if found guilty of multiple serious charges (could potentially happen but it would cause a huge problem with the EFL and the EFL clubs) or having their license cancelled completely (it has happened to Bury, Anzhi Makachkala and others over the years - but won't happen to Manchetser City).

Given Manchester City will appeal any guilty result there will not be any final conclusion until perhaps next summer.}

1.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 13:42:07
Thanks Ed, appreciate the reply - will definitely be a tricky one