Review Of The Day 15th April 2019

15 Apr 2019 07:29:13
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1.) 15 Apr 2019
15 Apr 2019 10:29:25
Missed a news. Liverpool fans throwing the flares yesterday at the Chelsea end! Are the FA going to look into it or they would rather ignore like they always do when it comes to Liverpool 😂😂😂.

2.) 15 Apr 2019
15 Apr 2019 14:14:43
Hate flairs at matches if caught life time ban in my opinion. If damaged caused by flair imprisonment 1 year minimum.

{Ed002's Note - The Premier League and the police are looking in to it. There has been a statement saying that the club will be asked to assist and that stadium safety is paramount and it was hoped that the fans could have respected the anniversary responsibly.}

3.) 15 Apr 2019
15 Apr 2019 16:41:32
That’s brilliant news Ed02. Flares are dangerous and it’s life threatening. I can’t believe how anyone could allow it inside.

4.) 16 Apr 2019
16 Apr 2019 10:17:46
Great news edd 2.Just don't get why grown men want to play with fireworks.