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16 Oct 2017 12:28:03
United Fan Here, At the rate city are scoring goals there is a general consensus being formed that since they have gelled, they are next to impossible to beat.
Just wanted to ask the opinion of the various editors on whether this city team are as good as the media are proclaiming them to be. Or have they got weaknesses that a more organized team can easily exploit. A simple review would be awesome, because this is something fans from all major clubs are thinking of right now. Cheers!

{Ed002's Note - They are just doing well. Manchester United are doing well at the same time. I would have them as likely winners of the Premier League this year.}

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29 Aug 2017 11:36:03
Ed02, you mention on the Arsenal page that City have a plan B if Sanchez doesn't happen, who does this refer to?

{Ed002's Note - Aubameyangadingdong.}

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23 Aug 2017 15:45:29
Hi Ed what on Earth is the situation with Roberts? Surely a loan move wouldn't take this long?

{Ed007's Note - I'll guess it'll be tomorrow or Friday one the European match and possibly the draw is out the way. Rodgers was obviously in Astana and Lawwell will be in Monaco so more than likely Friday.}

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23 Aug 2017 20:15:33
Cheers mate . any chance of a permanent transfer on the cards?

{Ed007's Note - Some people seem to think that's what the delay is but I can't see it. Peter Lawwell was down at the City game the other night with one of the finance guys which had people asking why we'd need someone like that over a loan deal.}

23 Aug 2017 20:34:44
I'm hoping we were just waiting on the cl money before turning the key on a permanent deal he will be the best option for all if city have a buyback clause.

{Ed007's Note - As long as we're not waiting on the VvD money. Don't worry, this time next week it'll all be nearly over.}

27 Aug 2017 13:48:28
Still nothing 😒.

18 Aug 2017 23:00:08
Anything in the messi to city rumours?

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16 Aug 2017 19:44:46
Dear Ed,

Any competition from other clubs for Jonny Evans or is it just City in the running?

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea, sorry.}

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10 Aug 2017 09:34:06
Morning Ed, Celtic fan here. Just wondering if you had any idea how much city would be looking for to sell Patrick Roberts? I'm not sure if Patrick would come to Celtic other than a loan deal but was just wondering what a potential fee would be. Cheers.

{Ed002's Note - They are not looking to sell at this time Garry. There are three options for a loan, the advantage Celtic has is they know the player and the player will slot right in. However, Manchester City likely feel it might be an advantage to place him with one of the other interested sides to gain a different type of experience. I think that unless there is a sdignificant step up this season that he could be sold next summer.}

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10 Aug 2017 10:15:15
Cheers Ed, would love to see wee Patrick back at Celtic either way.

{Ed002's Note - It is certainly possible Garry.}

05 Aug 2017 19:13:56
Hi ed002, I was wondering whether City were looking at any other players/ positions other than another LB? Thanks =].

{Ed002's Note - They would like Sanchez and a CB and they have stepped away from Bertrand. Right now money is an issue.}

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08 Aug 2017 12:59:32
Ed002, Are they looking to offload any players to raise the cash? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - not beyond what is planned.}

08 Aug 2017 18:03:06
Sorry if I'm just being a bit dense, but those players would be: Mangala, Delph, Roberts, Nasri and Bony?

{Ed002's Note - Broadly yes, but if Sanchez or Mbappe or whatever were to arrive that list will get one larger.}

14 Aug 2017 18:59:33
I'm assuming sterling would be the one to make way, ed002? Would there be any clubs interested in him? Thanks :)

{Ed002's Note - No, there is no plan to move Sterling on.}

05 Aug 2017 07:42:37
Alright ed? Just wondering if there is any more info regarding Patrick Roberts having a future at City after again playing in the friendly with West Ham? He seems to have been getting a fair bit of game time this pre season.


{Ed002's Note - I expect him to move on this summer with both Celtic and Southampton interested.}

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04 Aug 2017 12:27:59
Manchester City have spent more on transfers this windows than the neymar fee, its up to psg if they can afford the fee and want the player good for them, ssn report they can still comply with ffp, i read a report that stated in 2001 zidane was signed for 48 million pound was more expensive then than the neymar deal is now, as a percentage of what clubs earned then and now.

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03 Aug 2017 09:22:28
Do you expect City to bid for VanDijk? Or have they any other CB targets?

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02 Aug 2017 11:26:51
Ed you heard any thing about zinchenko seems napoli cetic rangers looking for loan deal? Who is fav to land him.

{Ed002's Note - I would expect him to move to Napoli.}

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23 Jul 2017 13:47:06
Why have Man City signed both Danilo and Kyle Walker? I'd have thought Danilo and Kyle Walker would both be expecting the starting berth. I can't imagine either will be happy only playing cup games or sitting on the bench until the other gets injured. Would have theorised that perhaps he would be slotting in at LB with the departure of Kolarov, but I doubt the £53m Mendy will be sitting on the bench.

{Ed002's Note - They are ensuring that they have two players for each position. So it will be Ryan Bertrand slotting in with Mendy.}

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24 Jul 2017 23:19:06

Have city got a deal done for Bertrand?


{Ed002's Note - No.}

17 Jul 2017 13:50:45
Sky sports reporting Chelsea are interested in signing aguero. This can surly not happen. Right?

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16 Jul 2017 19:35:05
Hey up Ed, have any clubs expressed interest in Aguero recently, and is he still available if they did?

{Ed002's Note - There is always interest but it would mean a replacement before he woud be availanble.}

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13 Jul 2017 22:08:10
Hi Ed do you think patrick Roberts will join Celtic this window? As rumours suggest he will.

{Ed002's Note - I don't think he has a future at MC and there is every chance he will join Celtic.}

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03 Aug 2017 21:35:23
As a Celtic fan I'd love to see Patrick Roberts back at Celtic park. really hope it happens.

29 Jun 2017 19:31:32

Any latest on inacheao / are man city and Southampton talking about a deal


{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of discussions with Southampton.}

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29 Jun 2017 12:13:09
Hi Eds

Asking for my son who is City daft. reports today suggest Bayern have pulled out of any interest in signing Sanchez.

Are city interested? And as suggested now front runners?

My boy is only 6, he's worried Aguero might leave if Sanchez arrives!


{Ed002's Note - Yes, absolutely. Aguero knew he was surplus some months ago but their primary target was not going to arrive. Sanchez is a player MC are keen on and that may not threaten Aguero. We will have to see.}

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29 Jun 2017 19:16:50
Thanks. Much appreciated!

29 Jun 2017 21:09:03
I still think it's a long shot that Sanchez will join us. Arsenal will reject every City bid, even if we went to something ridiculous like 70m. They will just not want to sell him to us. Fingers crossed it will happen because it would be the signing of the summer.

30 Jun 2017 16:38:17
Wenger is saying this won't happen, but City must be speaking to Alexis to know he would join them? I just saw a post from a big account on Twitter saying that Alexis has joined them and will be confirmed soon. Do any of the Eds know if that is accurate? : (.

05 Jul 2017 14:07:56
Ed002 is there any chance of an update? Saw on Twitter that a very reliable Arsenal ITK (I know sorry) has said Alexis has signed a new deal with Arsenal. Do you know if that is true or complete nonsense? Thanks :)

{Ed002's Note - As I have explained, I have no interest in providing any updates regarding Arsenal. It was made perfectly clear that I would be proving anything useful and my help isn't needed. I think you had best ask on Twitter.}

05 Jul 2017 15:26:33
Ed002 I can understand why you would be unhappy with 1 or 2 of our fans acting like babies, but me and a load of the other guys don't feel like your help isn't needed. In fact I only joined and come back here to read what you post up.

Are you not willing to answer questions for those of us who appreciate it? Is there no way to ban the babies so we don't all have to lose out because of them? It kind of sucks that things are ruined for us because people support the same team as us are disrespectful.

I respect the reply anyway. Just a bit sad that it has come to this. Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - I am sorry but it has been made clear the my services are not required on the Arsenal page so that is the end of the matter. I am not going to make any effort and then be abused for doing it.}

06 Jul 2017 10:15:47
Well I always appreciated it but I understand why you won't post anymore. I hope you will come back and get rid of the others though.

23 Jun 2017 23:51:49

What is the latest on Patrick Roberts and inacheao


{Ed002's Note - Neither has a viable future and will leave this summer.}

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14 Jun 2017 23:50:09

What is the latest on the future of ihanacho


{Ed002's Note - Kelechi Iheanacho will leave this summer to get first team opportunities. Dortmund see him as a possible replacement for Aubameyang and have already been in discussions with Manchester City, Hoffenheim have declared an interest but the request for Southampton to take him on loan has been rebuffed. An offer is on the table from West Ham. Right now his agent is seeking interest from elsewhere and has got interest from Crystal Palace.}

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11 Jun 2017 00:10:38

What is the latest on Nolito and Clichy?


{Ed002's Note - Sevilla and Real Betis still want Nolito.}

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