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09 Jul 2022 10:48:35
Hi Ed,

With it looking increasing more likely Ake leaving to return to Chelsea (which I understand but he's been a solid 4th choice and is homegrown, so is a loss IMO) do we know who the CB replacement targets are?

Have seen a lot on Ake leaving but not who we would get to replace him? There were links to Pau Torres a while ago but other than that it seems a bit quiet.

I wouldn't mind a more experienced player (30+) who won't permanently take the spot long term so there's still a chance in the near future for someone like Mbete to make the step up, but not sure he's ready to go deep end in an injury crisis just yet.


{Ed002's Note - I will try and find out - the club are certainly aware of a HG problem.}

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11 Jul 2022 10:10:28
Cheers Ed002.

Seen a bit today around Kounde (suprised if he would be happy as 4th choice albeit would look to challenge as a starter) and Gvardiol (I believe Leipzig don’t want to sell) so wouldn’t think they would be the most attainable of targets.


{Ed002's Note - Kounde would want assurances. Gvardiol is not for sale.}

13 Jul 2022 10:13:05
Thanks Ed as always, guessed as much.

The only others I could potentially find were Pau Torres i mentioned first, Salisu or Fofana - not sure if any of these are potentials?

Did a search but couldn’t find anything on them.


{Ed002's Note - Kounde will now be first choice - the problem is he will want to be a starter.}

17 Jun 2022 09:24:37
Hello Ed02,

I have two questions to ask to you. One i shall right now and the second after a while.

It seems like City are looking to sign a LB and a CM.
Who are the targets and who do you think the realistic chances are mate.

{Ed002's Note - Tyrick Mitchell (LB) and Marc Cucurella (LWB). There have been a huge number of CM players looked at.}

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17 Jun 2022 12:16:38
Do you expect any more additions other than that two mate?

{Ed002's Note - Yes.}

04 Jun 2022 22:26:55
Hi ed002

Saw on another page that city are looking to add 2 more forwards to mix things up, could you share who these might be please?

{Ed002's Note - They want to add Rafael Leao to Haaland and Alvarez.}

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05 Jun 2022 19:12:23
Thank you ed

02 Jun 2022 13:09:58
Do City have interest in Cucarella of Brighton?

{Ed002's Note - Marc Cucurella (LWB) Manchester City and Chelsea have spoken with his agent and MC have submitted an offer to Brighton whereas Chelsea have opted for another solution. Recommended to Spurs by a scout but they have a creative solution in mind to resolve their LWB issue.}

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18 May 2022 15:27:18
Hi Ed002,

Rumours today that Man City interested in Kalvin Phillips: any truth to this please?

As a CDM woukd he be a replacement or back up for Rodri?

Many thanks as always!

{Ed002's Note - Kalvin Phillips (DM) a financially more viable option to Declan Rice and Manchester United have enquired in the past and may maintain that interest when a new manager arrives in the summer. An ex-PL player acting as a scout for Real Madrid has watched the player on more than one occasion. Manchester City see as an option to replace Fernandinho. West Ham enquired and made a tentative offer to no avail in January. Aston Villa have enquired - it seems very unlikely. An enquiry from Newcastle may be followed up but I suspect the player would not be keen. Whilst he has the stupid haircut that Liverpool look for in recruits, I am not aware of any approach by Liverpool or Arsenal to Leeds at this time. Leeds will resist selling and look for a new contract. I expect a new contract will be agreed but he won't stay at Leeds forever.

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18 May 2022 16:07:04
Wow, thanks for the really quick response Ed002, really appreciated! Really kind of you to give up your time to reply.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

10 May 2022 17:53:17
Visitor from the Liverpool page in peace.

Firstly, think you guys will win every game quite easily now, and the title will be yours. Sucks, but City were just too far ahead for Liverpool to catch.

Second, I think Haaland will be a great signing for City, but it will mean they will have to change how they play a little. Will be interesting to see how quickly they can adapt to that.

Thirdly, one for Ed002 probably. Can you explain how "release clauses" work in light of the news about the Haaland fee? I know there are restrictions on how they operate in principle but I've never fully understood when they are and when they aren't enforceable etc.

All the best everyone!

{Ed002's Note - He had a termination clause which is different - and it was essential in agreeing a move to Borussia Dortmund.

Perhaps a reminder about transfer related clauses would be apt. This is a horribly complex area not least because they are written under individual national laws. They cause a great deal of misunderstanding with football supporters and the media alike.

The "buy out clause" is legally binding between a club and a player. The "buy out" is effectively what it says - a means for the player to buy himself out of the contract. As an example, if a player wishes to buy himself out of a contract, he pays the applicable FA (on behalf of the club) the amount of the "buy out" clause effectively becoming a free agent. The problem is that in most cases a player would need to obtain that money from the buying club - and this is fraught with issues regarding "tapping up" and, of course, taxation (as it can be seen as income for the player and would therefore be subject to income tax). There was a test case about the taxation issue in Spain several years ago which is why they have an exception. All players in Spain and Portugal have a clause that allows the player to buy himself out of his contract without any tax implications - the tax implications passing to the buying club - typically at 50% on top of the value of the clause for the higher profile players. This was to address a ruling from around 30 years ago allowing players a way out of their contracts. The other notable point about Spain and Portugal is that the clauses, if invoked by a non-Iberian club, need to be paid in full by the player (there are local rules that stop tax being due) but by needing to put up 100% of the money upfront would end many transfers then and there. It works differently in Iberia to elsewhere as the tax implications do not make such clauses viable in other countries, so when Arsenal purchased Thomas Party they had to provide the money to him and then he had to immediately transfer those funds to the Spanish FA – leaving Arsenal to subsequently pay the tax due on the transfer by due date. All players in Iberia must have a figure set and agreed with the club. So "buy out" clauses are very rare elsewhere. Related to this is the Webster Ruling that allows players under certain conditions to break contracts after a certain period of time (three years under 28 and two years after being 28) by paying the club the amount the club would pay the player over the remaining length of the contract. It is very rarely invoked and could easily result in a protracted legal case.

A "release clause" is far more common in that it gives a figure that the club would accept for the sale of a player to another club - but it is not legally binding except where both parties (clubs) are in the same country (for the sake of argument I should say that football Spain and Portugal count as the same country as do England and Wales) for legal purposes. These are normally unreasonably high figures (Messi at Barcelona has a €700M release clause for example) introduced to act as a deterrent for hostile bids - and even then the club could easily block a move. However, if a club in the same country does agree to match a release clause then the selling club would be obliged to ask the player if he is interested - there is no obligation on the player to make a move. For interested clubs outside of the country, the selling club may use it as a guide but are under obligation to accept a bid and may demand a higher figure – as was the case when Roberto Firmino moved from Hoffenheim to Liverpool for more than his “release clause”.

There is then the becoming popular "termination clause" which is binding between the player and the club and if met would see an offer from anywhere accepted and the player given the opportunity to make a call on a move. This overcomes the issues associated with "buy out" clauses as the money would be paid by one club to another and about the legal proximity of the buying side.

And finally, "buy back clauses". The most common way is that for a fixed period, typically two or three years, the selling club will have the opportunity to match any offer made (if the player is to be sold) by another club and buy back the player if he agrees. Rarely, clubs have the opportunity to buy a player back at a fixed price when a player is put up for sale of a two or three year period (this is what Chelsea used with a couple of players although they later negotiated a deal which gave them a percentage of the sale, as was the case with Bertrand Traoré moving from Lyon to Aston Villa). Finally there is a very uncommon variant of this where by the club have the opportunity to buy back the player at a fixed fee in year one, a different fixed fee in year two and another different fixed fee in year three if put up for sale. This was used by Barcelona when Oriol Romeu was sold to Chelsea.}

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10 May 2022 19:58:18
Ed is there any clause in this contract? I heard madrid backed out because they didn't want to agree to a clause. Might just be bs from the media

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of the terms being fully agreed yet.}

10 May 2022 20:22:07
Thanks for the quick reply Ed

10 May 2022 20:57:32
Cheers for the detailed response Ed002, very informative.

10 May 2022 09:35:16
Ed02 - plenty of talk about a deal being agreed for Haaland. Is this true?


{Ed002's Note - In principle.}

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04 May 2022 22:16:19
Good evening ED, is it possible when time allows to know who is interested in Raheem Sterling? Thank you.

{Ed002's Note - Raheem Sterling (W) At the right price his sale will help the start of a rebuild. He will be available for perhaps £50M. Could be one of the players offered to Spurs for Kane if Haaland doesn't sign or to Barcelona if any part exchange is possible - but I suspect their interest was fleeting. Arsenal may offer an option as a Pepe replacement. Milan would want to offer a player in exchange and have other priorities. Else he will have to settle for a new contract or run the final year of his down.}

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21 Apr 2022 14:56:31
Hi Ed,

With Alvarez and potentially Haaland (albeit I'll take that with a pinch of salt until he's in a city shirt) looking to come in, do you know who the potential outs could be in the summer to make space in the squad?

Not sure if there are going to be any shuffles in defence or midfield either with Fernandinho leaving?


{Ed002's Note - In terms of departures it should also be remembered that Aguero and Ferran Torres have gone without direct replacements. I would expect something like this:
Scott Carson (G) Out of contract
Arijanet Muric (G) Another loan.
Nathan Ake (CB) Time to move on with the player expressing an interest in a return to London - West Ham, Newcastle and Crystal Palace may offer solutions. A better option my be found in Milan.
Fernandinho (DM) Will leave Manchester City in the summer as a Free Agent, with Atletico Mineiro, Corinthians, Botafogo and Flamengo all interested.
Bernardo Silva (AM) The player would like to move on with interest from Atletico. Barcelona have asked if MC would be interested in a player exchange. Milan have lost out on their first option and will look to a deal at the right price. PSG and Juventus has a declared interest. Manchester City don't want to sell and will offer a new contract.
Riyad Mahrez (RW) Time has come to move on. Agent is offering him to numerous high-end clubs. Manchester City may look to extend his contract to save money. PSG need a Di Maria replacement and he is on the list. Otherwise perhaps hard to sell.
Raheem Sterling (W) At the right price his sale will help the start of a rebuild. He will be available for perhaps £50M. Could be one of the players offered to Spurs for Kane if Haaland doesn't sign or Barcelona if any part exchange is possible. Arsenal may offer an option as a Pepe replacement. Milan would want to offer a player in exchange. Else he will have to settle for a new contract or run the final year of his down.
Jayden Braaf (LW) is available and being offered around. No firm interest that I am aware of and those clubs showing a vague interest are unattractive to the player. I assume the club are not convinced he can step up. Perhaps another loan.
Nahuel Bustos (S) On loan at Girona but River Plate offer an option.
Liam Delap (S) German sides will continue to try and cherry-pick the best of the best young British players after their success with players like Sancho, Bellingham and Musiala. Delap is on the list for Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund as well as RBS. Manchester City will refuse a sale but may offer a loan.

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14 Mar 2022 22:14:59
Hi Ed2. Are you able to share information on City's attacking targets for this summer?

{Ed002's Note -
Florian Wirtz (AM) Interest could return in 2023 but I would scratch him..
Joao Felix (AM/F) Manchester City see him and another as a potential Aguero replacement rather than recruiting a Kane or Martinez type striker. Discussions have been held.
Antony (W) There are more likely destinations.
Mikel Oyarzabal (LW/F) upgrade on Sterling - sustained interest from the coach at Manchester City. Very unlikely.
Vinicius Junior (LW) Now staying at RM.
Kylian Mbappe (RW/S/F) is heading elsewhere.
Julian Alvarez (S/RW/F) has already agreed to join in the summer.
Lautaro Martinez (S) First choice but not available.
With Chelsea out of the picture for now, Manchester City will push Barcelons and Real Madrid for Erling Braut Haaland (S).
Harry Kane (S) Manchester City will be back if the cannot signed either of their two preferred choices but he could head elsewhere.
Emre Tezgel (S) Kiddie who is being looked at by several sides.
Alexander Isak (S) Probably fourth in terms of preference.
Christopher Nkunku (AM), Xavi Simons (AM), Yeremy Pino (RW/LW/AM), Patrik Schick (S), Victor Osimhen (S) and Amine Gouiri (S) - Manchester City Interest has gone.}

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15 Mar 2022 19:48:32
Thanks Ed2. With City playing without a recognised striker, I think Felix would be a good signing for them. Now I could be wrong on this but I remember Real Madrid making press statements that they would like and have the financial means to sign both Mbappe and Haaland in one transfer window. Is it your understanding that Real Madrid is Haaland’s preferred destination?

{Ed002's Note - Real Madrid is not the preferred destination - perhaps number three on the list.}

15 Mar 2022 21:50:52
Lastly, as you have already shared enough so don’t mind if you shoot me down on this. If giving away the club is too much are you able to say the country he would prefer to be playing in? I can only think of Bundesliga with Bayern. La Liga with Barcelona so he is the main man or Premier League with either City or Chelsea.

{Ed002's Note - Preference is for Barcelona but they need to try and find the right balance by signing him and perhaps four Free Agents. Manchester City would be likely next on the list but it would not be a career move and the player and his agent may want a wait out after perhaps two or three years. Real Madrid will focus on Mbappe and old like both but have problems elsewhere in the squad which will take money to fix. Bayern remain an option. Chelsea have held talks on a number of occasions but for now can be discounted.}

16 Mar 2022 09:55:17
Ed2. I have ran out of superlatives for you in regards to your knowledge on all things relating to football and finance. So I will simply end by say thank you and much appreciated.

05 Jan 2022 14:55:57
Hi Ed

Any news on Man City targets in the January window with Augero and Torres gone?

Still waiting on Delap being given a 1st team chance

{Ed002's Note - I cannot sensibly predict the timings of transfers but Manchester City have looked at numerous players but many are not going to be available in January. I would expect the summer to be busier. Torres had not started many games so an immediate replacement may not be needed. There are a number of strikers they have looked at and it is not out of the question they will make an offer for one. There is interest in Delap from Germany.}

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25 Aug 2021 14:35:46
Hi Ed's,

With Kane confirmed to be staying with Spurs (until at least next summer) do we know what options City have left to plug the striker hole we have?

Rumours of Ronaldo you wouldn't think of being of any merit in, Haaland (Raiolas) ridiculous rumoured demands stopping any chance there and Mbappe looking to get his heart set move to Madrid - do city have any other options than to go another window without a main striker?


{Ed002's Note - Vlahovic, Martinez, Ronaldo.}

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13 Aug 2021 13:01:45

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08 Aug 2021 12:38:08
Hi Eds, any update on where City stand with respect to Kane? Is 120m pounds the most they are willing to pay?

Also, any truth to players being involved in the offers? There are talks of Bernardo and Laporte. Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Manchester City will look to offer players as part of the transfer if they can. Spurs would like to get interest from elsewhere as well if he is to be sold.}

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06 Aug 2021 13:17:21

Are the reports of a contract offer from the city group to messi true?

Probably one of maybe 3 clubs that could get a package together to satisfy the wages and bonuses etc.

Thanks 😊.

{Ed002's Note - I would very much doubt it.}

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03 Aug 2021 10:43:22
Hi Eds, it seems City are trying to sign both Kane and Grealish in this window for some significant amounts if we are to take any indications from the tabloids. Just wondering, if the spending is going to big as suggested, ie well over 200m for the 2 and considering the wages of these 2 players will definitely be significantly higher than what they are on now, will the team risk tangling with UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations again?
Is there something city should do that will help avoid any issues with these regulations or this wouldn't be a problem?


{Ed002's Note - Manchester City won't have any FFP issues with spending on transfer fees or wages. They have players to be sold or exchanged and they will have made significant savings in wages with Aguero and others departing.}

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03 Aug 2021 12:21:31
Thanks for the insightful reply Ed.

13 Jul 2021 09:51:50
Hi Ed002. Few rumours floating around that City are in advanced negotiations with Aston Villa for Grealish.

Some going as far as to say that a deal has been agreed (no fee quoted but just that the deal is done) . Do you know anything about this or are the claims premature?


{Ed002's Note - Jack Grealish (LW/LM/AM) regardless of being a little Johnny Jerkoff when not on the pitch, there is no doubt Grealish is a very good player and selling him would provide the funds to help the club considerably. Manchester City are certainly keen on the player although Aston Villa don't want to sell and will ask £100M.}

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13 Jul 2021 13:41:11
Are City happy to pay that price?

{Ed002's Note - They will look for a lower fee if they can - or even better offer a player in any deal.}

13 Jul 2021 14:12:31
Thanks for the info as always.

26 Jun 2021 15:11:55
You will soon see a significant push from Manchester City for Harry Kane but they want to include a player in the deal - which Spurs don't want. Spurs are already preparing for his departure and are looking to Vlahovic as a straight replacement. Manchester City could now offer Sterling or Mahrez as part of a deal for Grealish. Juventus will likely take Gabriel Jesus from them.

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28 Jun 2021 09:51:14
Hi Ed002, what figure would Man City be offering to Spurs? Previously reported it was circa £100mil transfer fee with a player like Laporte thrown into the mix.

As for Grealish is there a good chance this happens? I only ask because with the players would Sterling or Mahrez be happy at moving to Aston Villa?

{Ed002's Note - Spurs are not interested in taking the likes of Sterling - Laporte won't be interested in moving to Spurs.}

28 Jun 2021 15:22:54
Thanks for the info Ed002.

02 Jun 2021 22:36:01
Hello ed2, would you be kind to inform us about Man. City transfer targets for this summer?

{Ed002's Note - Manchester City may opt to promote Gabriel Jesus to replace Aguero rather than sell him and add someone like the affordable Darwin Nunez to challenge him. They will integrate LIam Delap in to the first team but he will likely not be a regular next season
Manchester City are aware the have an aging squad and want to rebuild using much younger players – taking the best youngsters they can find and loaning them out within the City Football Group to gain experience. To this end they have already completed the purchase of several youngsters this summer to add to the likes of Moreno, Rosa, Couto and of course Filip Stevanovic.
They are looking for a LB, a CB, a DM and a S. Taking someone creative such as Grealish.
Unlikely: Nicolas Tagliafico (LB) will be available this summer with Manchester City considering an offer. Others, such as Leeds, will be interested as well. Seen as an option to Emerson for Inter.
Won’t Happen: Josh Doig (LB) Manchester City have been showing an interest in adding a young LB and watched Doig but really want someone who can count as club developed.
Very keen: Robin Gosens (LB) will be out of contract in 2022 and is keen to move to Germany. Manchester City have spoken with his representatives, but the player is concerned about the potential lack of game time.
Very keen: Nuno Mendes (LWB) not going anywhere at €70M but Real Madrid will push perhaps next summer. The interest of Milan will go nowhere because of the cost and the interest of Manchester City has already turned elsewhere because of the cost. There have been enquiries from other sides across Europe but none will be able to justify that level of expenditure on him.
Keen but unlikely: Gabriel Gudmundsson (LB) Swedish youngster who players for Gronigen who has been watched by Union Berlin, Manchester City and Napoli but is smart enough to know that his best interests right now are in staying where he is.
Interest remains: Jules Kounde (CB) Sevilla rejected a significant offer from Manchester City last summer and Monchi has confirmed that Manchester City remain keen still. He was recommended to Manchester United by an advisor but there has not been any approach just yet - and others seem more likely at this time. Real Madrid were the other side who were keen last summer and they are looking to add two, or possibly even three, CBs this summer with one agreed in principle, the others will be one of four on their shortlist which includes Jules Kounde and another will be a youngster if required. With one of the four likely not obtainable it would then come down to balancing the books with other sales and purchases. PSG have a clear first choice CB target but could now consider Kounde as an option now that Upamecano is no longer available. A circa €60M+ deal would perhaps suit Sevilla but they will look for €80M initially which clubs will back away from. He is one of three CB players the new Chelsea coach listed as interested in but someone senior at the club thinks he is very small for the PL, far too expensive and others are preferred - Touchel could try and change that view. Bayern Munich decided to strike him from their list of targets due to price and size.
Likely to move elsewhere: Pau Torres (CB) Villareal are struggling financially and will sell this summer at the right price. Manchester City have him as an option still but he is not first choice. Manchester United have him as first choice but only if sufficient sales are made. Barcelona has a sustained interest but price will likely be an issue and they may look to horse trade some players - but priorities will be elsewhere. Napoli see Rorres as a Kalidou Koulibaly replacement. Bayern Munich have him as one of three primary targets to fill the two (or potentially three) CB slots they need to address in the summer. Real Madrid want Torres to replace Ramos but do not want to get into an auction.
Pushing for a deal – but it is tough: Boubacar Kamara (CB/DM) Marseille do not want to sell and interest from PSG will obviously go nowhere. However, at the right price (it was €60M including all costs but will now be half of that) he would be available in the summer - Barcelona would like him but not at that cost. Chelsea and Manchester City both maintain an interest. An unusual offer was made last summer but Chelsea resisted to see what happens with emerging players available to them. Manchester City have been in regular contact with Marseille and may well look for an early conclusion. There is interest from Barcelona who want the player and a member of Marseille's staff to join them. Milan and Lyon will likely not have the funds to make an offer. Milan asked after him when discussing another player and Bayern Munich have him on their list as a Jerome Boateng replacement. Juventus are looking to add a DM player and they need to lower the age of their squad. He is attractive to clubs as he can comfortably play as a CB or a DM.
Unlikely: Melayro Bogarde (CB) Manchester City, Barcelona and Real Madrid are all interested in the Dutch youngster who plays for Hoffenheim.
Agreed a move elsewhere: David Alaba (CB/LB) - very unlikely now.
Possible – player may not be keen: Douglas Luiz (DM) Manchester City will look to buying him back from Aston Villa. Could end up as cover.
Possible: Denis Zakaria (DM/CM) Borussia Muenchengladbach would have sold in January 2020 but Spurs and Bayern Munich baulked at the €60M asking price. Many sides including Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Juventus have scouted the player without declaring any serious interest. Other clubs with a declared interested are Borussia Dortmund (as a Witsel replacement), Manchester United (but not until they have sorted out their midfield) and Inter Milan (who won't be able to commit to the price and have other preferred options) are not pushing and he will have another season at Borussia Muenchengladbach. In 2021, it would not be unreasonable to see Bayern Munich look again and both Chelsea and Manchester City will be looking to buy such a player - although the interest of Chelsea has moved on.
Very unlikely: Ismael Bennacer (DM) a huge mistake by Arsenal who liked by Manchester City, but Milan will want a deal including Gabriel Jesus. PSG may look to a deal including Leandro Paredes.
Don’t be surprised: Declan Rice (DM) Manchester City and Manchester United offer Rice an option. A Fernandinho replacement and Home Grown.
If he moves it will be elsewhere: Aurelien Tchouameni (DM/CM) Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea have all declared an interest in the player who would be more affordable than their preferred choices, but Monaco are not looking to sell this summer. Rennes will also look to him if Eduardo Camavinga leaves. Borussia Dortmund are interested in upgrading Axel Witsel and have looked at him as have other. If the season in France is cancelled, then there is a chance that he could be available.
If he moves it will be elsewhere: Sander Berge (DM/CM) Sheffield United accept that Berge will move in the summer and are hopeful of an auction - Arsenal are keen to resolve issues surrounding a number of loan/fringe and unwanted players and are keen to add Berge or Bissouma as a replacement. West Ham don't want to sell Rice, but if they end up accepting an offer, then he is one of the options on their list. Manchester City have him on a list of options and PL experience may make them look to some sort of deal which could include youngsters going to Sheffield United on loan over the next couple of years. I am not aware of any approach by Liverpool or Spurs at this time but Mr Mourinho has tried to buy Berge in the past. Manchester United are not looking to replace Matic this summer but at the right price the coach could be interested. Lazio may offer the most interesting solution.
Won’t Happen – will move elsewhere: Manuel Locatelli (DM) Juventus have tried and failed on a number tried to take him from Milan and now Sassuolo without luck with the player saying he wants the move but cannot see how he will get a game in Turin. Real Madrid have him on their list of optional targets to Camavinga. Milan would like him back whilst his agent has said Sevilla, Chelsea and Manchester CIty provide options.
Completed: Metinho (DM/CM) Kiddie who will likely move to Manchester City when he is 18 and likely go out to one of the other sides in the City Football Group family.
Won’t happen: Eduardo Camavinga (DM/CM) if the player continues his good performances Rennes will look for a summer auction. Serious approaches for Camavinga have been made by Real Madrid, PSG, Arsenal, Manchester United and Spurs - but Arsenal can be discounted as they do not have the money and Spurs and Manchester United as they are not attractive destinations. Interest has also been shown by Borussia Dortmund (who were quoted €100M), Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Genk - but the last three can be discounted as they simply don't have the funds and the others have other targets. A move to England for the kiddie is less likely than a move to Spain. He is perhaps a way from first team football at the highest level but PSG and Real Madrid are considering taking a chance on him in the summer but will not pay the revised COVID-19 asking price of €75M. Bayern Munich see him as an option to Zakaria. There was a discussion about the player with Chelsea who have a very good relationship with Rennes, but they have preferred options and see the price as too high - but perhaps something could be negotiated depending on departures. Juventus do not see him as right for Serie A. Real Madrid, PSG and Bayern Munich might be willing to invest the required funds but if Zidane were to depart Real Madrid that would change.
Completed: Diego Rosa (CM) A player who may well come into the City Football Group family with a plan to ease him to Manchester City eventually.
May well be followed up: Patrick de Paula (CM) Manchester City asked after him when discussing another player with Palmeiras and were surprised at the asking price for him - as were Borussia Dortmund. Palmeiras may accept a single cash payment at a more reasonable price. His agent continues to try and get a move to Europe but the difficulties obtaining a Work Permit for him in England will be a challenge. There has been interest identified to Chelsea by an ex-player who is doing some scouting for the club.
Will be heading elsewhere: Houssem Aouar (CM) Lyon were frustrated by Arsenal not taking a realistic approach to trying to complete the transfer of the player last summer and with PSG for failing to make a suitable offer. Having lost out on their primary CM choice there remains a small chance PSG could look to him again. With the impact of the broadcasting losses, clubs in France are facing a difficult time and Lyon may reduce their €60M asking price this summer to ensure a sale. Juventus interest has drifted as they have a preferred target in mind after failed offers including Federico Bernardeschi and Mattia De Sciglio, who Lyon are keen on but they want to separate the deals. Real Madrid have been approached by his agent but have suggested that they would ideally want to offer a player in any deal. That won't suit Lyon so it might be difficult but is the preferred choice for the player. Barcelona were approached but they will not be in a position to do anything unless Frenkie de Jong is tempted away from the club. Manchester City may oppose Juventus and look to make an offer for Aouar.
Completed: Kayky Chagas (AM) Shakhtar Donetsk are working on a deal for the kiddie who has attracted scouts from numerous clubs across Europe to watch the Fluminense U17 side. These have included third parties representing Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool from England, an ex-Premier League player who represents RB Leipzig and local scouts representing Braga, Sporting Lisbon and no doubt others. Fluminense are keen to avoid an Evanilson/Trombense situation happening again. Shakhtar Donestsk have been dealing directly with the club and have an initial offer on the table. Unfortunately, another interested side have been talking to an agent (which is illegal due to his age) and Fluminense have explained their considerable displeasure over the matter. Manchester City will look to a package deal including Metinho and will maybe look to loaning them out within the larger family of clubs or looking to leave them where they are to 2022.
Will stay where he is: Jamal Musiala (AM) Wants assurances BM won't give him - says he wants to move back to Chelsea. Manchester City are keen. Bayern Munich have a trump card they are just about to play that will see him stay.
Completed: Dario Sarmiento (RW) unable to deal with his agent because of his age, The City Football Group have won out over Shakhtar Donetsk after discussions with Estudiantes concluded with an offer well beyond what SD would pay and probably more than was expected. Expect him to be nurtured through the Girona or other partner route before ending up at Manchester City who will fund the move.
Interest is serious: Andrija Radulovic (RW/AM) Red Star Belgrade youngster spotted by Girona scouts who Manchester City will look to bring into the City Football Group. Barcelona have a declared interest.
Price is seen as too high but there is serious interest: Gabriel Veron (RW) Palmeiras have quoted €50M as the asking price for the young RW which has made Barcelona and Juventus consider options. Manchester City will probably look to see how he progresses rather than agree such a large sum. Manchester United have added Facundo Pellistri and Amad Diallo in a similar position already and have not addressed their Jadon Sancho shambles. Palmeiras may accept a single cash payment at a more reasonable price.
Jack Grealish (LW/LM/AM) Both Manchester clubs maintain an interest.
Unlikely: Pedro Neto (LW/RW/S) At this time I am not aware of any approach to Wolves for the versatile Neto, although clubs may have spoken with his agent. The advantage Neto has is that he could prove a cost-efficient alternative to Sancho and Grealish whilst Diallo gains experience - and Manchester United have watched him, along with Manchester City. Whilst I would expect Wolves to resist a sale a significant offer may prove tempting. And an offer from Juventus will be the starting point for his agent to try and extract.
Wildcard option that might well happen: Andre Silva (S) was recommended to several clubs, certainly including Everton and Manchester United, by a very high-end independent scout who used to play in the Premier League. This dates back to last summer before his loan became a permanent move. I expect that Atletico Madrid will look to him and previous interest of the likes of Wolverhampton and Arsenal will have gone. My expectation is that he will also be offered to Manchester United as a Cavani replacement for next year and ease him in. I also expect Real Madrid to look at him as a potential Mariano Diaz replacement and look to use Luka Jovic as part of the deal. Outside chance that Manchester City could look to him but not as first choice.}
Won’t happen: Lionel Messi (F) The plan was to leave in the summer although a new contract might be possible, but he would need to take a significant cut in wages. In terms of clubs who could potentially put a suitable package together, there would only likely be Manchester City (who could have used Gabriel Jesus and Eric Garcia in exchange last summer but didn't want plans disrupted) can be probably be discounted as they turn their attention elsewhere because of the costs, Juventus (who can also certainly be discounted as they are working to a fixed plan for other targets), PSG (who could have looked to use Neymar in a deal last summer - but Neymar is no longer in the plans of Barcelona, but they could end up being the only viable option - but also have other plans) and Inter Milan (who had the chance to offer Lautaro Martinez in any transaction and Javier Zanetti could yet look to sell the project and tax laws which would keep the cost to the club to lower than competitors). Other sides who are financially in a position to take him (Bayern Munich, Chelsea etc.) have other plans and see the costs as obscene. He will have no interest in playing in China or the Middle East. My expectation is that Messi will stay another year or two years to play with Aguero at Barcelona. One day perhaps a season at Inter Miami, Boca or Newell's OB before retirement. If he left, PSG or possibly Manchester City appear the only fits in Europe.}
Won’t happen: Kylian Mbappe (RW/S/F) is the primary target for Real Madrid in 2021 - they will face a challenge from Juventus who will be open to include players in the deal. Manchester City have certainly considered Mbappe but I think it unlikely they will commit to the €200M transfer fee, huge signing on fee and huge wages. I would think Liverpool would also be in a similar position and the money would be a major issue for them. PSG don't want to sell him and at the very least will expect him to agree a one or two year extension to his existing contract that runs until 2022, that will keep his price buoyant - and that seems the most likely outcome. But Ideally PSG want him to agree a new long term deal and are willing to offer him €750k per week for a minimum two yer extension.
Probably not: Lautaro Martinez (S) Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico, Chelsea, Manchester City and Bayern Munich have all scouted him but a move to Barcelona, who see LM as a potential Suarez replacement, proved difficult to complete. Inter wanted at least €80M in a single cash payment or €100M on terms - and that proved difficult for Barcelona. Manchester City see him as a potential Aguero replacement but thought the price to high last summer. Inter Milan plan on putting together a package which will see him sign a long-term deal. I would strike him from the list.
May see a push for him: Darwin Nunez (S) Only moved last summer but there is growing interest in the player and Manchester City remain very keen. Benfica don't want to sell Nunez but they have had interest from two sides. An English club who enquired about Darwin Nunez were told he won't be available before 2022. MIlan may still push as they plan to add a striker regardless of what happens in respect of Ibrahimovic and Mandzukic - but they have significant financial issues which means they will need to sell other assets as they have other players they wish to add as well and he is the most expensive of their three primary striker targets. Real Madrid could turn to him as a replacement for Mariano Diaz who is being offered around. If Depay does not arrive in Barcelona to replace Martin Braithwaite, Nunez would be their next option.
Won’t happen: Alexander Isak (S) Michael Zorc wants to take him back from Real Sociedad regardless of any different wishes of the new coach at Borussia Dortmund. Manchester City have a desire to add the player as a squad member but not as a Aguero replacement. Barcelona have declared an interest. Real Sociedad have financial woes and may take the opportunity to profit.
Seems unlikely: Erling Braut Haaland (S) It would take a lot of money plus perhaps a player or two in exchange to make it work in 2021 for Real Madrid, and that would only be the case if their main priority Mbappe does not sign in the summer; although that is looking to likely be the case right now with him staying in Paris a year or two more. The Real Madrid plan was to take Mbappe this summer and Haaland next summer but right now that plan may have been reversed. And if the money stretches, there will also be interest elsewhere. Bayern Munich have priorities to deal with in defence and Juventus accept their focus is on someone else. I expect Manchester City, if they can resolve an issue they have, and Chelsea to try to sign Haaland this coming summer although both are put off by the huge financial demands and Dortmund may try to resist a sale unless they fail to reach the Champions League - but they may commit to a 2022 sale. Mino has spoken with Chelsea and has met with the owner to discuss Haaland and another player but the financial demands are huge. There is a slim chance Barcelona could also look to him in 2022, but I think it unlikely they will be able to do anything this year - they are looking to sell and get wages off the books and are prioritising another striker - but it will all be down to what money they can raise and perhaps see if Dortmund would be open to taking a player as part of the deal. But there has been a discussion with his agent. A cash offer from Chelsea interests his representative but Dortmund would push for a player from Chelsea as well - although they would need to wait a year before he could join. Manchester City had a preferred first choice target as an Aguero replacement but he will almost certainly not be available now, so their focus will shift to Haaland but only at the right price and would look to the demands being significantly reduced. PSG want to hold on to Mbappe for a year or two more, so they won't focus on EH. The player wants Real Madrid.
Won’t happen: Dusan Vlahovic (S) Milan see the player as an Ibrahimovic back up and possible replacement - Spurs have the same view in respect of Kane - and Dortmund do in respect of Haaland. Roma, Juventus and Atletico Madrid offer another option which would see him as a starter. Inter want the future of Lautaro Martinez resolved else they will also look to him. Manchester United have had him watched. Manchester City approached Fiorentina and were told that the asking price will be set above €50M which came as a surprise and it would need to be a single cash payment but I rather doubt that would tempt them to sell now.
Won’t happen: Romelu Lukaku (S) Inter will look to keep him but he may provide a means to bring in much needed funds this summer if others cannot be sold - and Inter want to keep Lautaro Martinez over him. Manchester City have him on their list of targets for the summer - but he is not at the top of that list. It has been suggested that a return to Chelsea might be an option - but for that to even be possible something very significant would need to happen to close out a very serious previous issue - although efforts are being made to do that. PSG Have him way down the list of options they are looking at and it seems unlikely at what will be something like €110M asking price.
Manchester City will push if he is available: Harry Kane (S) If Kane became available then PSG and the Manchester clubs would no doubt be keen - other clubs who can afford him such as Chelsea and Bayern Munich would certainly be asked if they were interested. If it happens it could become a huge auction.

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04 Jun 2021 08:19:25
Wow, what an amazingly detailed summary - thank you Ed002.

If only Manchester United were as well run!

04 Jun 2021 09:41:49
Yess big WOW, thank you very much Ed!

10 Jun 2021 22:33:43
Hi Ed0002, would you be able to summarise something regarding possible outs looks like Laporte could be available, Sterling and Mendy to. Any interest specifically from anywhere.

{Ed002's Note - Something like this?
Scott Carson (G) will leave as a Free Agent.
Oleksandr Zinchenko (LB) Lazio and Wolves have enquired - Manchester City would be open to selling the player who wants more game time.
Pedro Porro (RB) Manchester City may be open to letting Sporting turn his loan in to a permanent deal.
John Stones (CB)
Aymeric Laporte (CB) would be available at the right price.
Eric Garcia (CB) Will join Barcelona as a Free Agent
Philippe Sandler (CB) a decision needs to be made when he recovers - but it is difficult to see a way forward which means it will be difficult to find a buyer.
Fernandinho (DM) may leave as a Free Agent but Manchester City think they have no lost the chance to sign their preferred replacement and will to getting one more year out of him.
Riyad Mahrez (RW) The club are looking to rebuild with younger players and will let him leave.
Filip Stevanovic (AM/LW) May well get another loan - perhaps to Girona.
Bernardo Silva (AM)
Jayden Braaf (LW) - on loan to Udinese - may get a further loan in the summer.
Raheem Sterling (W) At the right price his sale will help the start of a rebuild. He will be available for perhaps £60-70M. Obviously if Arsenal were to sell Saka it would go part way toward signing him as a replacement.
Gabriel Jesus (F) Manchester City could look to an upgrade and Spurs prior interest may remain with Juventus also keen.
Sergio Aguero (S) Free Agent. Wanted by Barcelona and could be used to encourage Messi to stay. And he may have an option to return to Atletico Madrid. PSG could look to him as an alternative for Messi or Ronaldi if they were to become available - and Inter could look to him as a short-term fix if they were to lose Martinez or Lukaku. His agents have made approaches to a couple of clubs in England but I am not aware of any bites because the costs are very significant for a 32 year old.}

2022 Pep Guardiola (C) Barcelona may have an agreement - Spain will want him as well.

02 Jun 2021 11:05:31
any interest in laporte or ferran torres? neither of them play at the moment and surely can't be content on the bench espeically laporte who is world class and light years ahead of stones? .

{Ed002's Note - No but Laporte would be available at the right price.}

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